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"We have been working with Nicolas for a few weeks now on a totally new website when our other company failed us. He was able to come through and completely redesign the website in just a few weeks! We love our new site and look forward to continuing to work with Nicolas and Hira Studio!"

Angela Olsen
Venture Church

Truly dedicated to his craft. Awesome customer service. Support your local business!

Finn Betts

Nicco and his team will get you exactly what your brand/business/organization is looking for! I love seeing his latest projects and his creative spin on websites, graphics, and more.

Alyssa Fronk

I absolutely recommend Nicco for your branding needs. I began our company with a homemade website and graphics.

Rachel LaRocco

It’s incredible what we can accomplish when paired with the right tools.

At Hira Studio, we provide you with the tools you need to present your business the way you were meant to. We’re your personal tailor. A wardrobe catered to you: your style, your personality, and your message.

More brands are competing for the attention of the audience you are trying to reach.

Why not be as clear and personalized as you can be so that your encounters are genuine and memorable? We’ll help you craft a clarified message, a website that just works, and help you establish trust by weaving continuity through all your marketing. Your distinct brand will be held to a higher standard because we believe in creating things that last: modern, but also stand the test of time.

It’s time to take the leap and make your voice heard. It’s what you and your business deserve. Your audience is waiting.

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Learning About You

To know a business on the surface is to not truly know it. It would be a disservice to jump headfirst into rebranding or web design without first taking a crucial step to understanding you, your business goals, and your identity. We believe that from understanding and respect comes a natural ability to create a language together and enables us to carry forward into the next steps in the most exciting and fundamental way.

Building Your Brand

Your business is unlike any other. Together we’ll ensure your brand is too. With our mutual understanding of your voice and your vision, we will craft a visual statement and guide to incorporate into everything that has your name. This is where we truly come into our own as a your “tailor”; utilizing such tools as logos, wordmarks, color palettes, and typefaces, you’ll have a makeover that is sure to be a representation of who your business is and what you want to say to your audience.

Crafting Your Web Site

If your brand is your unique voice, then your web presence is the conversation in which you use it. Taking this brand that we crafted together in mutual understanding, we’ll apply this voice—this “wardrobe,” if you will—across all areas of your online (and offline) presence. Your message will be unified, continuous, and clear. Your audience will feel supported and engaged because they won’t have to wade through blocks of filler to discover who your business is. You’ll reach out and interact with those who are seeking you.

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